Shellen Lubin

Pushing boundaries. Thinking outside the box. Coloring outside the lines. Expanding our worlds with her words.

Shellen Lubin works professionally as a Director, Playwright, Songwriter, and Actor/Singer, and now as the Resident Playwright and Storyteller for the Village Yontif, working with Daniel Neiden with whom she has joyfully collaborated for over twenty five years. Lubin’s plays and musicals have been produced and workshopped at Manhattan Class Company, Public Theatre, Theater Breaking Through Barriers, Pacific Resident Theatre, Hubbard Hall, West Coast Ensemble, American Jewish Theatre, and more. Her songs have been featured on radio and cable TV, in Milos Forman’s first American film, Taking Off, in Susan Merson's play Between Pretty Places, in numerous cabaret acts including her own, and in a one-hour special on WBAI-FM, Shellen Lubin - Songwriter/Singer. She also just wrote the theme song and music for The Butcher Block with Mark and Katherine, a new podcast.

As a director/dramaturg assisting in the development of new plays, she has directed across the country, currently working on projects with Lanie Robertson, Stuart Warmflash, Stephanie Satie, Susan Merson, Amy Oestreicher, and Anel Carmona. She is a member of the Playwright Directors Workshop at The Actors Studio (as both playwright and director), works with the Pawling Theatre Exchange, and is the resident director for the Bistro Awards (Sherry Eaker, producer). As the Artistic Director of Untold Stories of Jewish Women, she helmed a three-day theatre festival at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in March 2018. She also teaches and coaches actors, singers, and writers both privately and as a guest artist and teaching artist.

Her reflections on living as an artist and living life with artistry have been featured in five cover pieces for Back Stage Publications (the only time that Back Stage has ever featured writing about the industry from a philosophical perspective) and are read weekly in her Monday Morning Quotes think-pieces ( As an advocate for women+ in theatre, she is the Co-President of the League of Professional Theatre Women, the 1st Vice President and Past President of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition, and chair of the Women Playwrights Initiative for the National Theatre Conference. Proud member of many theatrical unions and guilds. @shlubin (Twitter, Instagram)