daniel0224Dear All,

I am so very excited forYontif this year. I am thankful for the technology at our fingertips that will allow all of us to be together, to see each other’s faces up close, and to experience the familiar passages and songs of our community together. I pray it will bring comfort to all of us.
In preparing for this year’s services, I’ve been contemplating the question: “What is the most important element of Yontif?” The answer was clear and resounding: You.
Love is here because you are here. Light is here because you are here.  Hope is here because you are here. You are the answer you’re looking for.  And still, none of us is here on our own. We are in this together.
Because of you, we will find our way together throughout Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur to our shared goals of unity, community, prayers for our country, ourselves, our families, friends and each other, as we take stock of both the new year ahead, and our personal journeys to reach our highest potential.
It remains such a pleasure to, once again, share the video of Ruby Dee, with whom I enjoyed an inspiring friendship. We are all in need of inspiration in these coming months, navigating the pandemic, preparing to vote, and grappling with the less-than-solid ground of absentee ballots, polling places, mailboxes… Let Ms. Dee’s recitation of Beah Richards’ poem, “Today Is Ours” tide us over until we see each other online.
Looking forward,

Daniel Neiden, Cantor


TODAY, written by Beah Richards. Recited by Ruby Dee.

Today is ours, let’s live it.  And love is strong, let’s give it. A song can help, let’s sing it. And peace is dear, let’s bring it. The past is gone, don’t rue it. Our work is here, let’s do it. Our world is wrong, let’s right it. The battle hard, let’s fight it. The road is rough, let’s clear it. The future vast, don’t fear it. Is faith asleep? Let’s wake it. Today is ours, let’s take it.


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