Please join St. John's Lutheran Church for a candlelight service of remembrance commemorating Kristallnacht. This year's Dance of the Broken Glass (originated in 2006) will be performed by Alli Bradley and Will Geoghegan.

This year, we will be welcoming a guest speaker to offer reflections.  The Rev. Amandus Derr is the Senior Pastor at Saint Peter's Church at 54th and Lexington, in Manhattan.  Rev. Derr has a strong, long time relationship with Central Synagogue.  These two faith communities have shared a Yom HaShoah Interfaith Service to mark Holocaust Remembrance Day for many years.  Rev. Derr has also been a major participant in interfaith dialogue in NYC for the past 20 years.

The El Malei Rachamim for the Six Million prayer of rememberance and Hatikvah will be offered by Cantor Daniel Neiden.

The service will end with an active commitment to love, healing and peace for the world.

St. John’s Pastor, Mark Erson, will preside.

81 Christopher Street, New York, New York 10014.

All are welcome.

Admission is free. Donations gratefully accepted.


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